Bastille’s Pinch | Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day mi gente!  This week’s Drink of the Week video is “Bastille’s Pinch.”  It’s an uncomplicated highball being as the ingredients are:

  • 2 fingers of Bastille Whisky
  • Dribbles of maraschino cherry juice
  • Lemon peel
  • Maraschino Cherry (stemmed)

In a mixing glass add 1.5-2 oz. of Bastille.  Dribble in Maraschino cherry juice to taste.  STIR.  Grab an Old Fashioned glass and add an ice sphere (so as not to dilute as fast as regular ice cubes).  Grab your whisky mix and pour over the ice.  Pinch your lemon peel over your drink and crease; rub the peel over the rim and drop it in.  Add a cherry and enjoy!

Bastille 1789 is a French Whisky and the 1789 is the year of the French Revolution, not the spirit’s origin.  You noticed an ‘E’ was “missing”–Whisky‘s made outside of the U.S. omit the ‘E’ while North American whiskies add said extra ‘E.’  I hope you enjoy; questions or comments?  Ask!

Respectfully Yours in Hospitality,

China Moon |

Places in Madison WI you can find Bastille 1789:

Click the photo for the How-To video!bastilles-pinch-2017_valentines-day


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